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Interstellar travel walks on the surface of Mars, colonies on distant planets, and even acquaintances with extraterrestrial life forms – all this has long troubled the minds of not only scientists and science fiction writers but also ordinary people. But we live in an era when flights into space are available only to a limited circle of individuals spinning multimillion-dollar capitals. Even then, outside of Earth’s orbit, no one has gone yet. Even the landing of the Americans on the Moon, if some conspiracy theories are to be believed, is a Hollywood production. 

But do not get upset about it – at your service, a variety of virtual worlds allow each owner of a computer, laptop, or game console to go into a space adventure. It should be noted that even the online casino for India has games with themes of space.

Our rating includes the most exciting projects of different genres – from classic shooters and strategies to simulation and platformers. Among these games are:

  • Destiny;
  • Alien: Isolation;
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Waking Mars 

It is the year 2090. Humanity has already advanced enough in its development to shell expeditions to other planets. The most apparent destination during the first experimental journey was Mars – a giant red planet with similar living conditions to Earth, which has yet to be adapted for human habitation. Except the mission didn’t go according to plan when one of the astronauts discovered a branched cave under the surface filled with bizarre plants and organisms. The poor guy was buried alive in an accident and struggled to survive in a limited oxygen supply and weakened gravity. 

The gameplay in this entertaining platformer is the seeds of plants, of which there are dozens. You can grow algae and strange flowers with them and observe the Martian ecosystem’s rules. Good planting allows you to ensure the transition to the next zone, but populating the cell is not so simple because some plants can devour the seeds of others or will die if planted in the wrong type of soil. In general, the space gardener will have to tinker a lot. 

Destiny and Destiny 2 

It is a popular console (and since the second part also the PC) MMO, which has gathered many reviews from gamers worldwide, thanks to the beautiful graphics and well-thought-out gameplay. Players are invited to immerse themselves in a single seamless world, which is supported by technology Umbra 3. Thanks to it, there will be no loading screens; at any time, the single-player mode can turn into a co-op or multiplayer raid for the head of the next boss. Furthermore, the server dynamically changes the content of a particular location depending on how many players are in it, their levels, and whether they are combined into groups. It also changes the number and quality of monsters as the players join the group, so even the most advanced and equipped gamers do not relax. At the same time, of course, the rewards for victory also change. 

In the single-player game, traveling to different planets, it’s almost impossible to get the weapons and armor given out for destroying a raid boss. But give your consent to participate in a special event. The server will automatically select partners suitable in level or current quest and, if it receives support from both, create a game situation that would be adequate to their abilities. And for those who are tired of making the storyline, Destiny has prepared exciting multiplayer modes – team fighting, deathmatch, capture the flag, and so on. 

Alien: Isolation  

In its time, the alien universe was released in many games – platformers, multiplayer shooters, action games, and so on. But none of them could capture the atmosphere of the original movies, where ordinary people had to fight for survival against the cunning and powerful monster that was difficult to kill even with the most advanced weaponry. Fortunately, the creators of Alien: Isolation took the right course for their new project, choosing the Survival Horror genre. 

The main character, a relative of Ellen Ripley (from the classic Alien), will have to run around the spaceship, look carefully around every corner and keep an eye on the scanner to avoid the meeting with the raging xenomorph. And that’s not Amanda’s only enemy. The station is filled with many aggressive humans, faced with a software malfunction of droids and special forces who also want to add problems to the protagonist. Her main task is not only to escape but also to understand the disaster’s circumstances and cause. A bonus to the long story campaign is a lot of additional missions and challenges that will tear the nerves out of even hardcore gamers. Of course, online Teen Patti for real money does not have a space interface but sometimes can be just as intense as the presented games on this top.

Star Wars: Battlefront 1-2 

At every E3, several announcements indicate the development of some game without giving any information about it. E3 2015 was no exception. Among the promising “cats in a bag,” there were completely unrelated ones like The Order: 1886 and quite thoroughbred ones like Mad Mach, but none of them caused such a wave of interest as Star Wars Battlefront. A particular reason to rejoice was the news that the game will develop the magnificent DICE, which has already proved its consistency in releasing the successful military Battlefield series. Although for the Swedes, it is not typical, they have never worked under someone else’s license, preferring to promote their IP. And now the time for release has come. 

On the output, fans received high-quality graphics, recognizable locations from favorite movies, and famous characters recreated with cinematic accuracy. But we must admit that the game did not differ in variety and, in contrast to the same Battlefield, could not drag gamers for a long time. Two years later, the second Battlefront game was presented with excellent space battles, which separately involved the creators of the Need for Speed series, the story campaign, and many additional modes. Unfortunately, the publisher’s greed ruined this good project – the fact that the players were forced to buy the loot boxes was a personal insult, so they negatively commented on BF2 and quickly abandoned it. 

Killzone: Shadow Fall 

Killzone Liberation for PSP aside (with its unconventional overhead view for the series), Killzone: Shadow Fall is the most unusual story of a bloody conflict between humans and Helghast aliens. Three decades have passed since the Earth government won the war. Helghan, the homeland of the player’s eternal enemies, is no longer fit for life. Even those who can adapt to the harshest conditions of Helghast, could not bear to live on a planet crippled by a nuclear attack. So, out of their hearts, the Earthlings allowed the refugees from Helghan to settle in the world Vekta. The storyline of Killzone: Shadow Fall starts from the moment when the first armed clashes between the victors and the vanquished start. 

The difference between the new Killzone and the old episodes of the series is evident from the very first minutes of the game. Previously the action unfolded in the gloomy ruins of ruined cities, in gray-brown industrial areas, and a genuinely hostile environment of the planet Helghan. Still, now the player sees the blooming and colorful expanses of the agrarian planet Vecta. The protagonist Lucas Kellan is endowed with so many gadgets, which no soldier has ever dreamed of. With the help of a cable, Kellan can overcome many obstacles. The special scanner can time the location of enemies and even mastered the secret technique of Max Payne – time dilation mode. Lucas will be flying drone OWL, a great help in the fight against rebel fugitives. The wonder robot is controlled by the DualShock 4 touchpad and can perform many tactical tasks: from conducting overwhelming fire on the enemy to deactivating the alarm. 


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