Tik Tok Sensation Shirkish – A Rare Breed Of Content And Entertainment

Initially netizens were repelled by the Tik Tok but gradually they got hooked on to lip-sync, bass drops, dating, mating, beauty, food and more advice presented via video format. Now, it’s being passionately discussed across board, and amidst of the all the brilliant creative artistes on Tik Tok, the Chinese short-form video streaming app, Shirkish has managed to outshine everyone.


Starting with humble origins, Shirkish, like most gifted and creative people, wanted to pursue dance and acting. But one thing lead to another and one fine day, he found himself experimenting with Tik Tok, only to realise he is able to translate his struggle and thoughts into videos format, which is rare combination of reality marrying entertainment. Thus a star is born with a rare combination of talent, content and entertainment.


His videos are though provoking, a perfect blend of wide variety of emotions, ranging from funny, sad, motivational, inspirational and more. His videos on relationship goals slowly started making their way to people’s heart and soon a star was born.


Shirkish garners a massive fan following across of social media platform. He is popular and sought after artist.


A Desi at heart, Shrikish core belief about making such videos is simple, be optimistic in life. And this philosophy has struck a chord with fans.


His videos on romance and love life has allured masses through his acting and dancing skills and thus his previously acquired tools has provided him fruitful results including a huge number of followers.


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