Review of the Crickex 

The Crickex firm is one of those bookmakers that seems to have recently emerged on the betting market; yet, in reality, it already belongs to the more experienced bookies. In terms of dependability, it has every right to be considered among the very best. This is demonstrated by the significant amount of favourable evaluations that can be found on gamblers’ profile boards. In the next sections of this analysis, you will become familiar with the fundamental information regarding this organisation. Become familiar with the features, and make sure you know what Crickex is. 

Website that is official

There is no question that the official website of crickex deserves to be ranked among the very finest. That is all related to the greatest effort that the corporation put forth during the construction of the bookmaker company, which ended up being both instructive and handy. You will discover the majority of the equipment that is required for betting here. The following betting categories may be found on this website: 

  • Sports; 
  • Casino; 
  • Live-games; 
  • Virtual sports and much more.

You are able to access all of the bookmaker’s services through either the website or the mobile app, which is available for both Android and iOS. 


On the website of the bookmaker Crickex, the registration process is straightforward and uncomplicated. One click is all that is required to do the task. At this time, a new customer can sign up for the site by utilising any one of the following methods: 

  • Cell phone;
  • Email;
  • Social network. 

You are free to select whichever one suits your needs the best. A process of this kind makes registering for the game at Crickex as simple and hassle-free as is humanly feasible, allowing everyone to participate. 

Bonus Program

Crickex, just like the majority of other major bookies, offers its customers a fantastic chance to receive a bonus. On both the website and in the mobile app, customers may now take advantage of both permanent and temporary specials and discounts. New customers are eligible for a reward from the firm when they sign up. After registering and confirming your data using the account verification process, you will be able to use it. Upon the completion of your initial deposit at Crickex, a bonus in the amount of 200% will be added to your account. 

Crickex is now available as a mobile app for both Android and iOS

Crickex has developed client applications that are compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems. To install the application on your mobile device, please do the following: 

  1. Go to the mobile version of the official website using your smartphone or portable electronic device; 
  2. On the homepage, choose “installation for Android” or “installation for iOS”; 
  3. It should be allowed to get software from unidentified sources; 
  4. Once it is finished, you will be prompted for the command to install it. 

Within a few minutes, a shortcut branded with the Crickex logo will begin to show on the screen of your smartphone. A single tap is all that is required to reach the interface for betting now. This makes things easier, but the functionality of the mobile software itself is not significantly different from what can be found on the official website. The Crickex app for iOS and Android has been thoroughly tested on a wide range of hardware, and it performs faultlessly across the board. 

Assistance to Customers 

The efforts of Crickex’s customer service operators are seen well by those who review their job. Managers are quick to address inquiries in 24/7 mode. Claims made by customers are adjudicated according to particular sections of the guidelines established by the bookmaker’s office. There are a variety of avenues by which one can communicate with the employees of technical assistance, including the following: 

  • Online chat directly on the website;
  • Email;
  • Telephone toll-free hotline;
  • Feedback form.

The Crickex support line has seen significant development. You are free to select any of the available options. But, keep in mind that you should always make sure to frame your demands in a clear and professional manner in order to obtain better assistance more quickly.


The corporation may boast a short but compelling list of competitive advantages. The following components are included in them: 

  • The user-friendliness of the site’s navigation; 
  • A tabular comparison of the most important competitions in the most popular sports; 
  • Instantaneous payments; 
  • Work completed quickly by the employees of the technical support service. 

These are the primary benefits of working with this firm, and these are the reasons why a large number of professional gamblers pick it for casino and sports betting. 

A view from the line 

This aspect of the game is one of the most significant and fundamental ones for each player to pay attention to. It is important to keep in mind that this is the factor that will enable you to determine whether or not to play on a specific platform or whether or not you need to change the bookmaker. But, given the nature of the business in issue, it will be extremely difficult for you to identify any errors. When you compare this feature with others that are similar in other offices, it becomes clear that Crickex beats many competitors simply for the content of the line. Certain betting connoisseurs may think that the amplitude of the additional coverage in totals and handicaps is not quite as wide as it could be. 


If you pay close attention to the odds, you will see that there is a little variation between the games that are highly ranked and the ones that are not so highly rated. To begin, the most important distinction is the number of outcomes and the rate at which the line is filled, although that is not the objective at all. Odds tend to remain constant at the same level across unfavourable matches since there are fewer events to choose from. This is true for both the totals and the forwards, as it is highly common for the same figures to appear in several games that are part of an unpopular tournament. 

Financial transactions

On the Crickex website, there is a wide range of options available for both making a deposit into the game bank and withdrawing your winnings from the bank. These are the following: 

  • Bank cards of different systems; 
  • Electronic wallets;
  • Bank accounts. 

In other words, any bettor will have the ability to pick the technique that will be most comfortable for him, and they will be able to carry out the essential operation using that approach. This is something that may be done on the mobile application as well as on the official website.

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