Know The Journey Of ABCD2 Amazing Dancer – Mohan Pandey, Awesome and Inspiring

Mohan Pandey was born and brought up in Andheri, Mumbai from where he did his Schooling. After that he Shifted to Vasai in 2007 where he actually started Dancing and everything started to happen seriously. In Vasai  there was a crew by the name ‘Fictitious’ of whom he was a Big Fan of and always wanted to be a part of. And then the opportunity came in 2013 Fictitious Crew organised a Dance competition Called ABCD dance championship where the ABCD starcast was going to Judge. He got the opportunity to perform in front of them. Even though he didn’t win but his Mentor Suresh Sir saw his talent and wanted him to be the part of Fictitious Crew. Afterwards he started working with Fictitious Crew and did many award Shows from where Remo recognised him and selected him to be a part of ABCD2. From ABCD championship to ABCD2 was an amazing journey for him.

In talks with Mohan Pandey , Dancer ABCD2

  1. Whom do you consider your role model?

My ideal and my inspiration when it comes to Dance is the one and only Michael Jackson. He is the reason I fell in love for Dance. Obviously he is an inspiration for Million of Dancers but for me he is the God. I even have a Picture of him in my wallet beside Sai baba and Ganpati Bappa. That much I look upto him and Praise him!!


  1. When did you actually started taking dance seriously?

I started Dancing when I was a Kid. I used to participate in School competitions and Annual Days like most of the other kids did just for fun, but eventually dance made me happier than any other hobby and I knew I want to learn more and more! Then from my 7th Grade, I started taking it seriously and learned it by myself through YouTube with my friend Sandeep Prajapati who helped me a lot in the whole learning process!

  1. From where did you get the inspiration to dance?

The thing what inspires me to Dance is the fact that it can make people smile when they see you, and the appreciation and love you get from the Audience when you Perform. If Dance can spread Happiness around I think it’s the best thing the World needs today, since there is too much hatred and violence happening everywhere!


4.How does your family take your success?

My Family has always been understanding and Supportive with me from the Start. Yes, like any other parent they are concerned for me and my future. Hence they said you can do what you want but studies first. So I did, I completed my Bachelor’s in Management Studies this Year and they are really happy that I managed to do both Dance and studies together! They are really proud of me I am sure! 🙂


5.What was the most memorable experience you had while on tour?

The most memorable Experience I  have till now is no doubt when we (KINGS UNITED) won the Bronze Medal For India at the World HipHop Dance Championship 2015 held in San Dieogo California. That is the best thing which has ever happened with me till now and Also ABCD 2 which showcased my Talent on a bigger platform. And all the credit goes to our Mentor and choreographer Suresh Mukund Sir who made both the things happen to us.


6.What was your most challenging dance routine?

The most challenging routine by far was our World Hip Hop Dance Championship routine. It was really challenging for us both mentally and physically, since we had so many things going in our performance. But our Choregrapher Suresh Sir made sure we do it flawlessly and with Finesse. Suresh sir really took care of all the boys since he knew how hard it was for us to do it! So the whole credit goes to him 🙂

Mohan also participated with his team Kings united in Dance Champions 2017

In 2019 he won the world’s biggest dance competition ’World of dance’ with his team ‘The Kings’ Aka ‘Kings United’.

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