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IPLWin – a grand provider of sports betting and gambling services among Asian countries. The company comes from Costa Rica and has a thousand of supporters.

The provider pay their key impact on covering Indian Premier League in cricket, which is logically found from their name. The line for this sports discipline is really impressive. However, there are many other options of entertainment activities in IPLWin app. There are the following:

● Casino games and slots

● LIVE-casino options, such as roulette, baccarat, poker, and so on

● Sports wagering activities despite cricket betting

Pros & Cons

To estimate the brand as comprehensive as possible, let’s start with highlighting main benefits and downsides of particular company.


● 24/7 support ready to immediately solve any issue

● Quite generous promo system & bonuses

● Extensive line for sports and average levelled odds


● Reliability might be higher

● Usability of platform might be more comfortable

● There is a possibility to face with block of website in some regions

How to download and install IPLwin mobile app on Android

You’re a proud user of Android pocket device, smartphone or tablet? Great! Then you should pay your attention to the IPLwin online cricket betting app and try it on.

It is suitable for all devices based on Android 4.1 or higher and requires about 22.7 MB free memory space. Friendly with smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi, Huawei, Google Pixel, etc.

Before you start download IPLwin app, please, make sure that you’ve permitted getting applications and programs from unknown resources in the settings of your device. There should be ticked the box with permission. It won’t damage your phone or your privacy data, so you shouldn’t worry about it.

Therefore, to get on your Android phone:

1. iplwin apk download from our portal

2. Launch it once it’s on your phone

3. Follow the instructions

4. Play and have an enjoyable experience

Configurations for Android

IPLWin app download for android has the following requirements for devices:

● Cost – Free

● Category – Gambling

● OS needed – Android 4.0.3. or higher

● Size – 28.8 MB

● Current Version – 4.0.8.

● Release Date – 2022, August 22.

● Downloads – 100 000+

How to install IPLWin mobile app on iOS?

Supporters of the Apple production can celebrate as Android users – there is IPLWin app developed for them. Thus, you can play online from your iPhone, iPad or iPod for free, but only if your device is updated to iOS 12.0 or higher.

Installation procedure completely follows the previous one, requires about 33.28 MB empty space and can be proceeded through App Store. What? Can’t find IPLWin apk there?

Seems that you’re living in restricted area, friend. The sports apps and gaming apps are banned in the local App Store, but there is a way to get the app instead.

What’s you should do is to switch the region of your iPhone/iPad Apple ID in the settings to some other area. For example, accepted areas for particular application could be: India or Bangladesh. Choose any of them and you even do not need to visit this countries, which is awesome.

Then refresh your phone and check once again. It’d appear if you do it right. Download it and you may return configurations back. iplwin latest version will remain.

Configurations for iOS

IPLwin app has the following requirements for iOS devices:

● Size – 33.28 MB

● Current version – 1.2.91

● Cost – Free

● Requirements for OS – iOS 12.0 or higher

● Provider – «2018-2022 App Developer Inc.»

● Applicable devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

● Category – Sports

Registration in IPLwin mobile app

Once you’ve get the app on your device, you need to establish your account to start enjoying the pleasant gambling world. To proceed this, just tap on button with text «Register Now» to launch the procedure.

After that you have to proceed through the following few steps and fulfil some your private information.

Please, complete the field requiring your username (which must be unique and not used on the website before); create a password for account; confirm password; enter your telephone number (only Indian telephone numbers accepted, starts with +94); SMS confirmation code would be send on your phone; proceed through re-Captcha and prove you are not a robot (hope, you aren’t).

When the procedure is finished, just login with your new established credentials and enter IPLwin world fully.

Payment withdrawals options

            Method                      Min. amount                      Max. amount                      Processing time          
Debit/credit card (VISA/MasterCard)€10€45,0001-3 min
Skrill€2€45,0001-3 min
Sofort€2€45,0001-3 min
Paysafecard€2€45,0001-3 min
Neteller€5€45,0001-3 min
AstroPay€10€45,0001-3 min
Perfect Money€1€45,0001-3 min
Sticpay€1€45,0001-3 min
EcoPayz€5€45,0001-3 min
Rapid Transfer€5€45,0001-3 min
Crypto0.001 BTC1-3 hours

Payment replenishment options

            Method                      Min. amount                      Max. amount                      Processing time          
Debit/credit card (VISA/MasterCard)€10€45,0001-3 min
Skrill€2€45,0001-3 min
Sofort€2€45,0001-3 min
Paysafecard€2€45,0001-3 min
Neteller€5€45,0001-3 min
AstroPay€10€45,0001-3 min
Perfect Money€1€45,0001-3 min
Sticpay€1€45,0001-3 min
EcoPayz€5€45,0001-3 min
Rapid Transfer€5€45,0001-3 min
Crypto0.001 BTC1-3 hours

Tutorial how to make a deposit at IPLwin app

All that’s information is good, but the main question is still uncovered – how to deposit funds at IPLwin betting app? Let’s find the answer, or even better, give you a tutorial of doing that.

While you established an account and have already verified it, click on the button «deposit» on main menu section and follow the steps.

First step. Choose the payment method you prefer more: PayTM, Gpay or PhonePE.

Second step. Choose in «Pay Gate» list appropriate receiving UPI and tap on «Account info».

Third step. Copy the ID of the UPI you’ve chosen and transfer money to corresponding address > prove your payment with your UTR **** last 4 signs.

Once you did this simple operation, the funds would be charged into your account in a while. Feel free to write a support team in case you faced with any issues, they are working 24/7 and responding with a rocket speed. Just try and you won’t be able to monitor how quickly your issue would be solved.

Tutorial how to withdrawal money from IPLwin app

All is going well, you entertained a lot and have won a few rupees on your account’s balance. Wanna turn them into the cash? Easy deal.

Just visit your account > withdrawal section and choose the local bank transfer way of withdrawing.

Then you will need to fulfil 3 key importance options of your official bank account: name of beneficiary, account number at your bank and the name of your bank directly.

When you finished all these steps, it should not take long time to your funds charging to your account. Usually it takes a few minutes, rarely – within a whole day. Almost never it takes from 1 to 3 business days. And it never happens to fail putting money out.

Welcome bonus at IPLwin

New you member, aren’t you? That’s great! Why so? Because for all new members IPL betting app offers a generous bonuses to obtain. It’s not a joke, buddy.

There are a couple of bonuses available for new come members. Let’s overview them and make it clear for you what to expect.

You may get 101₹ as an one time bonus with unlimited turnover and minimum withdrawal amount of 300₹ as a new member. More?

Get a risk-free freebet as a new customer at IPLwin betting app which completely ensures all your risks! The maximum amount can be refund is 300₹, tornover required – x10, minimum odds for bets – 1.41. More?

A welcome bonus on slots up to 20,000₹ to blow your mind! A 100% deposit boost for your first account replenishment with required turnover x15. Hurry up! You’ve got only 24 hours to get it, so spin and spin and spin and spin.

For all fish hunters IPLwin app introduces welcome fishing bonus up to 20,000₹. Available for fish hunting, has a x15 turnover, 24 hours to obtain and no limits on fishes caught! Big fish, small fish, come on, come on!

There is no boundaries on bonuses in IPLwin betting app. There are also a cashback, VIP cashback up to 111,111₹ (crazy!), deposit rebates, national promotions and birthday gift for celebration. Check the website promo to get more information about it. But not forget to attentively check the terms & conditions for it. As well as to play responsibly. Please, it is important, so pay attention to this.

Betting on cricket at IPLwin mobile app

A competitive edge of IPLwin betting app is for sure their cricket wagering direction. You won’t face more extensive sports line on this kind of sports anywhere else. You won’t experience much excitement by wagering on this sports anywhere else. Cricket wagering = IPLwin.

But if you don’t know about this type of wagering, let us introduce you to the world of cricket.

The game is played in one of the main formats:

Level One cricket, where matches are time-limited and teams play two innings each as batting. The duration of the competition is either 3 or 5 days, with six hours per game. Limited overs cricket, where matches are limited to the number of overs played (20 or 50), each team plays one innings as a batter. The duration of a match is one day, but more than six playing hours are allowed. Test cricket is the highest form of level one competition. Only full members of the International Cricket Council participate in such matches, and they are played in a series of three or five matches between two teams. If the stipulated time is exceeded, a draw-draw is declared.

One-Day Match (ODI) is a form of cricket with limited overs. ODI matches give greater certainty of the winner as a draw is not possible.

The Twenty20 format was introduced in 2003 and quickly gained popularity due to its dynamic nature as it allows a match to be completed in three hours or little over (teams attacking once).

The match requires two teams of 11 players each, who meet on a field in the shape of an oval of arbitrary size, but with a fixed pitch in the middle (a circle of 20 m diameter), where the game is played.

The teams take turns kicking the ball and playing the pitch, aiming for the most points. How many times a team strikes the ball depends on the format of the game. Each team has a bowler to serve the ball and a batsman to bat. The strokes in cricket are called innings.

The task of the bowler is to score the most runs in six innings or until he is caught out. The batsman’s task is to strike the ball to the boundary of the pitch or away from the opponent, allowing him to reach the other side of the pitch.

The innings is played until 10 batsmen from the batting team have been run out, then the team swaps places.

Outcome. In Test matches three ways of the outcome are allowed, P1, P2 and a draw, but a tie is rare. In Twenty20 and ODI formats there is no draw.

Double Chance. This is the same bet on an outcome, where it is allowed to combine the sum of the outcomes. For example, betting that there will not be a draw or a certain team will not lose.

Handicap in cricket refers to predicting the amount of advantage one team has over the other, or the size of the handicap that a team will not lose to its opponent. A zero handicap is common in Test matches.

Total in cricket is bet on the number of runs per game or individual leg of a match, bookmakers accept bets on total and individual totals.

Player statistics are popular in Tier 1 cricket, such as betting on the number of wounds, the various ranks awarded at the end of the match and other achievements of strong players.

The first innings is bet in Test matches where the whole match may not end until five days later.

The draw is offered by all bookmakers as it is one of the primitive bets. The bettor has to guess which team will attack first.

In order to play successfully at a betting shop and bet on cricket, one needs to understand the game and know the basic strategies and factors that influence the outcome of the match.

Heads/ears coin toss is one of the important steps in organising the game of cricket as it determines the order of attack. The team that attacks first gains an advantage as the attack is carried out on a fresh, unswept pitch with a new ball. This factor also influences the propensity for live cricket, as the attacking team will have a chance to seize the initiative in the game after the toss. The weather is one of the main factors that influence the outcome of the game. Inclement weather can shorten the length of a Test match (no games are played in rain), and the bettor should check the weather forecast before placing a bet on cricket. Sunset in some countries also affects the duration of the match, sometimes the team simply does not have enough time to win by the end of the game. The pitching and pitching surface varies: earthen, short grass or long grass, and this affects how fast the ball travels and bounces.

Humidity matters a lot, low humidity in high altitude countries makes the ball go faster, allowing it to hit out of bounds. Poor pitches wear out quickly, leaving the bowler at an advantage and the batsman finding it difficult to bounce the ball. Just like in football, some cricket teams are great only on home field and make mistakes on someone else’s field. Team and players. The condition of the team before the match is an important factor, if the players managed to win the first match, then you can expect good results from them in the next matches as well. The stats of a given player will help determine his readiness for the given conditions and reflect his physical condition. When adding up the stats, keep in mind that there are two teams on the pitch, each with their own individual offence and defence.

IPLwin mobile version of website

Of course, IPLwin app download isn’t a necessary to start the game. You may also visit the website platform via your mobile browser.

There is almost no differences between this two versions of the platform. However, application has some advantages:

● You don’t need to login every time you wish to play, just open the app and go

● You are able to customise the platform due to your preferencies (customise interface to the best for you, choose the type of odds you prefer, etc.)

● You are more secure and safe, because of higher protection level. It consists of enabling two-factors authentication, Touch ID/ Face ID, etc.

● You will save consumption of your web-traffic, because via the app you don’t need to load every page again. It is saved in cache and would open from here after the first time of using it.

All these factors are proving that iplwin apk download is a better decision. But the final decision is up to you, because you’re decision maker in that story.


How do I start using the IPLwin app? 

Just download it > install it > launch it > use it > enjoy it!

How do I install the app on Android if an error occurs? 

If errors occurs while installing, there is a 24/7 error solvers team available to solve your question. It’s called tech support, but you may call it fantastic gambling squad.

How safe is it to use the IPLwin app in India? 

It’s like to drive a car with fasten seatbelts – your security level is the highest than ever could be.

Why should a player from India choose the IPLwin app? 

Because players from India are smart players. And all smart players are choosing IPLwin apk. Are you a smart player or not? We bet that you are.

What payment methods are available in the IPLwin app? 

PhonePE, Gpay, PayTM and many others are supported. Choose the most suitable and turn the engine on!

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